Manthos grandsons Cruise & Tours


Manthos family’s services do not stop at your comfortable stay, as they offer plenty of
activities around the island of Zakynthos. You just choose the destination of your choice and
Manthos Cruises & Tours will find excursions and trips suitable for all.

Boat trips

Explore the hidden treasures of the island by choosing one of the following well-organized boat tours:

Turtle spotting (Duration 1 hour – Every hour): We sail from Agios Sostis to Kalamaki and Laganas to spot the turtles. From the glass bottom of the boat, you can comfortably and safely admire the turtles in their natural habitat.

Marathonisi (Turtle Island) & Turtle Spotting (Duration 2 hours): We spend one hour in Laganas and Kalamaki and one hour at Marathonisi, the infamous turtle island. Swim in and explore the island’s beautiful caves and walk along its white beach. You will see the whole island – there are two beaches – you choose where and how long you will spend your time. Parasols are provided for sun protection so as to enjoy the experience with ease.

Keri caves & Marathonisi & Turtle Spotting (Duration 3 hours – 3 times a day): First we head to the beautiful Keri caves with their lush green hills. We go into the caves, where you can swim in the clear blue waters. Next stop is Marathonisi (Turtle Island), where we will guide you to the two accessible beaches and you can choose where to spend some time relaxing, sunbathing and swimming. Then off we go looking for the world-famous loggerhead turtles.

Motorboat & Speedboat rental

Visit Marathonisi by a taxi boat. Rent a boat, without a boat driver’s license for a maximum capacity of 8 people. Spend a few carefree hours on magical turtle island.

Explore the caves of Keri and the island of Marathonisi and discover the hidden beauties of the bay of Laganas. Rent a motorboat or a speedboat for up to 7 people or even a paddle boat, fully insured, fully equipped and easy to use. Spot turtles, swim and sunbathe on one of the many sandy beaches along the area’s coast.

For ultimate relaxation and privacy, book an excursion on a VIP luxury speedboat. Travel in comfort, with music, a ladder for easy access to the sea, with a refrigerator for your cool drinks, canopy, life jackets, GPS, and a lifeguard. Free transportation is provided from and to the destination of your choice.

Our small boats fit into the area’s caves, securing view of the turtles at a much closer range than bigger boats, going through natural rocky arches, offering easy access to beaches – moore your boat and step off directly onto the sand, while the small number of people per boat provides you comfort. Driven by the safety of the island’s natural environment and the protection of the loggerhead turtle, Manthos Cruises & Tours collaborates with Zakynthos National Marine Park. The services of Manthos Cruises & Tours also include Excursions to Shipwreck – Blue Caves, Cruise around the island, 2-day bus tour in Athens, Bus tour in Zakynthos, Bus tour in Kefalonia, Trip to Ancient Olympia, Waterpark – Water sports, Greek night experience, Shopping in Zakynthos town, Diving – Sailing – Fishing, Jeep safari – Horse riding, Padaloes – Canoes, Car and bike rentals, Ferry tickets to Killini.

Manthos grandsons Cruise & Tours

Agios Sostis, Zakynthos, Greece


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