Manthos Complex Ag. Sostis ZanteThe location of “Manthos” complex is indeed special, because it combines the peace by the seashore of Agios Sostis with the lively cosmopolitan atmosphere just a short distance away, at Laganas, the most famous resort in Zakynthos.

The area is ideally suitable for relaxing, independent vacations. The center of Laganas, just one kilometer away, offers a very good marketplace with everything you may need (and more!).


Manthos Complex Ag. Sostis ZanteThe beach of Agios Sostis is a natural extension of the beach of Laganas, which is the longest (9 km) and most popular sandy beach in Zakynthos. There are many restaurants and bars along the beach.

One of the reasons Laganas beach is so well-known is the Caretta-caretta sea turtle. Laganas beach is one of the sites of reproduction for this species, and is accordingly under the supervision and protection of the Greek National Marine Park.


“Manthos” complex is only 10 km from the town and port of Zakynthos and 7 km from the airport.